The University at Albany SUNY is an R1 university with a group of faculty and students interested in topological and categorical methods in applications outside of mathematics. To facilitate open discussion of ideas and mentorship of our graduate students in this area, I maintain an informal email list and seminar called ATiA, which stands for Applied Topology in Albany, that meets most weeks. If you would like to speak in our seminar or be added to our email list, please send me an email.

See our new seminar webpage on GitHub!

Below are some photos of our group members and visitors throughout the years, with most recent photos first.

Hiking the Escarpment Trail in Thacher Park after apple picking in September 2019
From left to right: PhD students Brendan Mallery (Tufts & UA), Jordan DeSha (UA), Benedikt Fluhr (TUM) and Professor Justin Curry (UA)
In back of the Earth Science Building at UAlbany in May 2019
From left to right: PhD students Robert Cardona (UA), Jordan DeSha (UA), René Corbet (TU Graz) and Professors Justin Curry (UA) and Mike Lesnick (UA)
Overlooking Monte Alban as part of the BIRS-CMO Workshop in Multiparameter Persistence in August 2018
Left to right: Professors Mike Lesnick (at the time at Princeton before UA) and Justin Curry (UA)